A Dignified  Farewell for Your Best Friend.

At Nashville pet crematory our goal is to help those who are experiencing a pet loss. With us you can rest assured that your beloved companion will be treated with respect and dignity. We are a family owned and operated LLC. We proudly merged with All Seasons Memorial, the first pet crematory in Nashville established 1998, to better serve you and the needs of your pet. Here we hold transparency through the cremation process to the highest regard. It is a top priority at Nashville Pet Crematory to build trustful relationships with our clients and encourage them to participate in making final arrangements for their precious pet, as we firmly believe they should only be made by family. We specialize in private individual cremation. This means that your pet is not grouped with others during the process- ensuring that their remains are solely theirs. Here we do not freeze your pet, nor is your pet shipped off. Cremains are returned to you the next day. Also, with us you can personally witness your pet being individually placed inside the cremation chamber. We realize when the time of need arises, it can be very difficult for most owners. We would be honored to be of assistance. Our commitment is to provide you an exceptional service with the most affordable prices for dogs, cats, rodent, birds, reptiles and more with ethical conduct.